Mobile Credentials are the New UX

Smartphones have changed the way we do business in virtually every industry that touches the Internet—which is now virtually every industry on the planet. Commercial security is no exception, but until recently the primary impacts have been on the way that systems are administered, with mobile platforms taking over the functions previously performed from the desktop. With the advent of mobile credentials, smartphones are beginning to change the security experience for those who come and go from the buildings and public spaces we aim to protect.  And as they are changing the products that make this new age of electronic security possible, they will also change the relationships among manufacturers, integrators, and end users.

Mobile credentials are revolutionary not simply because they provide greater convenience and security than cards and fobs—although they do a great job on both counts.  They are revolutionary because for the first time we are placing interactive applications in the hands of the people who use our buildings—tenants, employees, visitors, support staff, and everyone else who walks through a door or a turnstile. This one fact has the potential to dramatically change the dynamics between the securers and the secured.

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