Danger, Will Robinson

Sci-fi fans and Netflix junkies across the galaxy have welcomed the 2018 release of a rebooted Lost in Space featuring an all new cast, including a vastly upgraded robot sidekick for young Will Robinson. His signature warning, “Danger, Will Robinson,” has been immortalized in the annals of fictional space travel but really has a home in our own world of physical security.

The nameless robot is, of course, a robot, but what usually escapes mention is that it is clearly also possessed of many skills that look like what passes for AI today: vision, language, deductive reasoning, and more than a hint of cognitive abilities. All of these are, not coincidentally, a prescription for what we would like out of our future security systems.

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IoT in Physical Security

Business and technology analysts are in unanimous agreement that the number of IoT devices will explode into the many 10’s of billions within the next five years. These billions of new computing devices will produce enormous volumes of data about ourselves, our society, and our physical environment.

The security industry is at ground zero of this upheaval. In fact, the single largest group of consumer IoT devices being deployed today is for home automation and residential security.  Gartner estimates that the typical family home could contain more than 500 devices by 2022. Commercial applications are not far behind, and they will dramatically enhance our ability to analyze, predict, and react to conditions in our environment.

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