Physical Security and the API Economy

Forbes Magazine hailed 2017 as “The Year of the API Economy.” If you’re not following this important trend, what you need to know is that APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become the new medium of customer interaction in the cloud era. By simplifying data interactions between companies, APIs amplify the benefits of cloud computing a hundred fold. They drive consumption, open new business models, and foster cross-industry partnerships.  

Call it the sharing economy for applications.

And it’s expanding at nearly 20% per year. This growth comes from companies like Amazon Web Services, whose APIs connect millions of virtual servers to the real world and enable AWS to thrive as the largest public cloud provider in the world. It comes from companies like Google and Facebook, whose APIs help capture one-fifth of all global advertising dollars last year. And it comes from the APIs that thousands of smaller companies have built into their products in every imaginable vertical.   

So, how is the API economy doing in physical security?

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