Thanks for visiting. If you care about the technology and business of physical security, you’re in the right place. It has become a dynamic, rapidly changing marketplace at the intersection of cloud, mobile, IoT, AI, and big data.

I’ve been creating software products my entire career: first as a developer, then as a product manager, next as a technology executive, and now as the CEO of Brivo, the first cloud company in physical security.

Based on the decade and a half of observations and many winding discussions with colleagues, I recently published a book, The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security

Hardly a week goes by since I finished the book that I don’t see something new I wish I could have added, or gained a new insight that would have me revise some of my original views. (Facebook: are you listening?)

But once the presses roll, you’re committed, and you need to find new ways to reach your audience. This blog, then, is that new way.

And, I hope, my next book in its early stages. 

- Steve Van Till